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Cisco Nexus 2248PQ FEX Fan module Reversed airflow port side intake

PICS Telecom currently holding the Nexus 9300 Series & NXA-FAN-30CFM-B

Key features 

  • Cisco Nexus 2248PQ FEX Fan module
  • Reversed airflow port side intake
  • Nexus 9300 Series

PICS is well suited to help plug any supply issues, with a large inventory of refurbished telecom network equipment, PICS Telecom consistently collaborates with its global network partners, providing cost-effective, green network solutions with rapid lead times.

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Cisco – NXA-FAN-30CFM-B » Nexus 9300 Series

PICS Telecom Overview.

PICS Telecom is a leading global reseller of new and used telecom & data equipment, backed with  over 28 years of industry experience. PICS’ consistently supports network operators of all sizes across the globe with green, cost-effective solutions to upgrade, maintain and extend the life of their networks.

PICS’ offers a fully transparent, green asset management service that allows our partners to purchase, re-reuse, refurbish, resell and recycle network equipment whist reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Optical, wireless, IP, CPE or anything in between. Collaborate, save and optimise with PICS today.