Green telecom network services in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

» Green telecom network services in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

PICS Telecom is proud to offer green telecom network services to its global customers including the UAE (United Arab Emirates). PICS offers a full suite of services to support its partners in achieving their CSR and sustainability goals including:

  • Investment recovery – ensuring you maximize the value of your surplus or redundant telecom network assets.
  • Smart/Remote Hands – PICS can offer engineering support from our in-house, qualified team of telecoms engineers to provide deinstalls, installs, network audits, POP moves and site surveys.
  • Telecom network hardware testing – PICS has world class test facilities across the globe and can support testing of a huge variety of OEM platforms, including but not limited to Cisco A9K, Cisco ISR, Cisco ASR900, Ciena 6500, Infinera DTN-X, Juniper MX Series, Transmode TM3000, Nokia Flexi, Nokia Airscale, Nokia 1830 and many more.
  • Recycling services – PICS is one of the largest recyclers of telecom network hardware in the world and is proud to maintain a zero-landfill record through the 1st half of 2021.
  • Managed Repair – A key part of PICS Telecoms’ sustainability offering is our managed repair service. Rather than throwing away faulty units and buying costly replacements PICS can offer a solution to extend the life of our customer’s network equipment.
  • Field Returns – PICS telecom can refurbish, reuse, and test most major CPE routing units with skillsets in all Cisco series. Our process ensures we can efficiently configure and ship grade A, premium products that are ready to be deployed. By doing this we provide a cost-effective and green alternative.

Not only does PICS provide consistent results and return, but each process also ensures any surplus assets are handled in a green, sustainable manner helping to hit CSR goals, reduce environmental impact, but further, it assists PICS with its ongoing pledge to develop and scale the circular economy.

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PICS Telecom Overview.

PICS Telecom is a leading global reseller of new and used telecom & data equipment, backed with  over 28 years of industry experience. PICS’ consistently supports network operators of all sizes across the globe with green, cost-effective solutions to upgrade, maintain and extend the life of their networks.

PICS’ offers a fully transparent, green asset management service that allows our partners to purchase, re-reuse, refurbish, resell and recycle network equipment whist reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Optical, wireless, IP, CPE or anything in between. Collaborate, save and optimise with PICS today.