Telecom network asset recovery in Argentina.

» Telecom network asset recovery in Argentina.

PICS Telecom is proud to offer its telecom network asset recovery services to its global customers including Argentina. PICS longstanding investment recovery model consistently ensures that PICS partners receive maximum return from their surplus telecom network assets. PICS Telecoms’ 29 years of credible industry experience in purchasing and reselling (telecom network equipment), guarantees that PICS Telecom has the correct channels and expertise to sell network equipment.

Not only does PICS provide consistent results and return, but each process also ensures any surplus assets are handled in a green, sustainable manner helping to hit CSR goals, reduce environmental impact, but further, it assists PICS with its ongoing pledge to develop and scale the circular economy. 

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PICS Telecom Overview.

PICS Telecom is a leading global reseller of new and used telecom & data equipment, backed with  over 28 years of industry experience. PICS’ consistently supports network operators of all sizes across the globe with green, cost-effective solutions to upgrade, maintain and extend the life of their networks.

PICS’ offers a fully transparent, green asset management service that allows our partners to purchase, re-reuse, refurbish, resell and recycle network equipment whist reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Optical, wireless, IP, CPE or anything in between. Collaborate, save and optimise with PICS today.